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Just £30.00/month (7-day free trial)

We offer a variety of courses for only £30.00/month. This includes our flagship MojiTax Principles of International Taxation program, which covers all the essential concepts, principles, and skills needed for success on the ADIT exam. Our team recognizes the complexity of international taxation, so we have developed a training that not only explains the principles in detail but also uses funny stories to illustrate key topics.

In addition to our Principles of International Taxation program, we also offer courses in Transfer Pricing, and Banking Taxation. Each of our courses is delivered through engaging presentations that utilize examples to illustrate key topics. To supplement the training, students will also have access to additional study resources, including our comprehensive E-textbook, relevant intergovernmental materials, revision questions, and interactive quizzes.

Our exam-focused approach ensures that we cover every topic, with each course aligned with the way the topics are divided under the ADIT syllabus. We're confident that by completing our programs, students will have a thorough understanding of international taxation and be fully prepared to take the ADIT professional exam.


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