ADIT Module 2.09:
United Kingdom Jurisdiction

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  • Start date: Self Paced, Anytime
  • Learning Hours: Est. 32 Hours.
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Course overview
The UK jurisdiction training is designed to meet the needs of ADIT students seeking to enhance their understanding of UK taxation, as well as professionals providing advisory services to multinational corporations and private clients.

The comprehensive curriculum covers the ADIT syllabus on the UK tax system in an international context, with a particular emphasis on key areas, including double tax relief, thin capitalisation, reorganisations, transfer pricing, and anti-avoidance provisions.

The training is organised into six sections, each corresponding to a segment of the ADIT syllabus on the UK jurisdiction. Upon completion of the course, students can choose to take either the ADIT professional exam or MojiTax exam. Our support team is readily available to provide guidance and assistance to students on any questions or concerns.
  • Learning: Self Paced 
  • Mode of assessment: 50 MCQs (80% Pass mark) 
  • Award: MOJITAX certificate of Knowledge, and ADIT Module 2.09 (exam preparation). 

ADIT/MOJITAX Blended Syllabus

The curriculum of the course encompasses the syllabus of the Chartered Institute of Taxation's Advanced Diploma in International Taxation, Module 2.09. Additionally, practical concerns for tax practitioners are also covered. Upon completion of the module, participants are expected to have solid understanding of the UK jurisdictional tax system and confidently pass the ADIT Module 2.09 United Kingdom exam in either June or December.

Professional Exam Focused

At MojiTax, we understand that our students want to be well-prepared for their Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) professional exam. That's why our UK Jurisdiction training is exam-focused. Our course is structured to cover all the topics and concepts needed for success on the exam.

We also align our training with the ADIT syllabus, ensuring that each section of our program corresponds to the exam's content.

How we support our students

MojiTax supports students on the course in several ways. Firstly, the course is self-paced, meaning students can work through the material at their own pace and have access to it 24/7. Secondly, the course is designed to be exam-focused, ensuring that students are well-prepared to take the ADIT professional exam. Finally, MojiTax aims to respond to all inquiries from students within 24 working hours, ensuring that students receive prompt support and assistance when needed.

Our resources

Our students have access to a range of training materials and assessments designed to support their learning and progress. These include:
  • Presentations: 
  • E-Textbook: 
  • Intergovernmental Materials:
  • Access to relevant intergovernmental materials, such as tax treaties, OECD guidelines, and other relevant publications.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: 
  • ADIT Revision Questions: 
  • MojiTax Exam: 
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