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Updates to MojiTax ADIT Courses - What We Are Doing Differently This February 2024

As a leading provider of international taxation training,
MojiTax Training is dedicated to ensuring our courses are not only up-to-date
but also innovative and practical. This February 2024, we are excited to
announce significant updates to all our ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International
Taxation) courses, aligning them more closely with the latest ADIT syllabus and
enhancing the learning experience for our students.

  1. Syllabus Alignment and Course Content Update: First and foremost, we have meticulously adjusted the contents and topics of our courses to align seamlessly with the 2024 ADIT syllabus (See our post on “How ADIT's syllabus changed in 2024: A MojiTax Perspective”). This update ensures that our materials cover all the necessary areas, preparing our students comprehensively for their ADIT examinations.
  2. Enhanced Learning Through Animation and Storytelling: Recognizing the power of visual learning, we have revamped our animations and short stories. These enhancements aim to provide students with a deeper and more practical understanding of the syllabus topics. By bringing theoretical concepts to life, we make learning not only more engaging but also more relatable to real-world scenarios.
  3. Clarity, Practicality, and Case Studies: In our quest to deliver exceptional educational content, we have reviewed several topics for improved clarity and practicality. Additionally, we are providing more examples and introducing case studies. This approach allows students to apply their knowledge in simulated real-life situations, thereby preparing them more effectively for their exams.
  4. Sample Answers for ADIT Style Questions: To further aid our students in their exam preparation, we are introducing sample answers to ADIT-style questions on the MojiTax platform. These samples will serve as valuable guides, helping students understand what is expected in their responses and how to structure them effectively.
New Module Releases
We are also thrilled to announce the launch of two new modules this month Energy Resources module and EU VAT module. 

Detailed Breakdown of Release Dates in February:
  • Updates to Banking Taxation: 5th February
  • Release of Energy Resources Module: 20th February
  • Updates to Principles of International Taxation: 10th February
  • Update to Transfer Pricing: 25th February
  • Updates to United Kingdom Taxation: 15th February
  • Release of EU VAT Module: 29th February
We at MojiTax Training are committed to providing top-tier education in international taxation. These updates reflect our dedication to staying at the forefront of tax education and ensuring our students are well-prepared for their professional journey.

Interested in International Taxation courses, visit mojitax.co.uk or contact us at [email protected] .
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