New Transfer Pricing Course and Upcoming MojiTax Courses


In the ever-changing landscape of international taxation, continuous education and training are crucial to stay ahead. At MojiTax, we recognize the importance of offering up-to-date, comprehensive courses to guide you through the intricacies of international tax laws and regulations. We are thrilled to announce our enhanced subscription, which now includes a Transfer Pricing course alongside our Principles of International Taxation course.
Our in-depth courses cover the entire ADIT syllabus, providing you with valuable resources such as Ebooks, detailed presentations, multiple-choice questions for self-assessment, and ADIT revision questions for practice. Upon completing these courses, you can earn a MojiTax certificate of knowledge by taking our online exam.

Upcoming Courses to Boost Your Learning Experience:

We are also excited to introduce several new courses in the coming months to further expand your knowledge in international taxation:
• Banking Taxation in April 2023
• UK Jurisdiction in May 2023
• Mastering ADIT Exam Techniques in May 2023

How to Subscribe:

Joining the MojiTax community is easy. To subscribe and gain access to our extensive course offerings, exclusive revision classes, and mock exams, simply click here. The subscription fee is only £30/month, and we offer a limited trial period so you can experience our courses first-hand.

With MojiTax's enhanced subscription, you will receive the tools and resources you need to excel in the field of international taxation. Our comprehensive courses, upcoming offerings, and exclusive revision and mock exams led by our experienced International Tax Affiliate tutor are designed to help you achieve outstanding results in the June 2023 ADIT exams. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and advance your career in international taxation. Subscribe to MojiTax today and embark on your journey to success.

We look forward to supporting your growth and achievements in the world of international taxation.

Happy learning!
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