• Author: M, Ogu-Jude
  • Start date: NA
  • Duration: Self Paced
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Course overview
The MOJITAX, Practical Transfer Pricing is a short course for existing tax professionals and persons interested in having practical knowledge of transfer pricing. It gives an insight to transfer pricing guidelines and the obligations of tax authorities and corporate entities.
  • Learning: Self Paced
  • Award: MOJITAX certificate of attendance, 15 Hrs CPD certificate ( and ADIT Module 3.03 (exam preparation).

ADIT/MOJITAX Blended Syllabus

The course curriculum covers topics within the syllabus of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation: module 3.03), as well as those topics which are of practical concerns to tax practitioners.

At the end of the module, it is expected that each participant should have grave understanding of Transfer Pricing rules and should comfortably pass the ADIT module 3.03, Transfer Pricing exam in June/December 2022.  

Interactive Learning

We offer 3 weeks of intensive studying and practice-based learning. At the beginning of each week, students are granted access to lecture notes, podcasts, practical explanations (using animated videos) and a case study.

Towards the end of the week, students are required to attend an online session with the module leader. During this session, each student will present an answer to the case study of the week. At the end of the class, the module leader will provide individual feedback as well as answer any questions of concern.  

Tutor & Admin Support

We offer live support to students via our web chat, emails and dedicated phone call service. This is to ensure that students are properly guided and receive a personalised study experience.

Additionally, our module leaders are very friendly and available to provide student support whenever needed. Tutors provide 24 hr response to student enquiry. 

Study Guarantee

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths. We will cover the relevant topics required, as well as provide practical classes to the students. 

MOJITAX students receive exceptional service at a very affordable rate. Our students are happy to recommend our services to work colleagues and partners. 


Get Recognised

At the end of the training, participants are given a certificate of attendance, which has been accredited by the world’s largest and leading Continuous Professional Development body, CPD Certification Service. Students can use this as proof of continuous studying in their field of expertise as well as demonstrate their knowledge of international tax principles. 

ADIT Exam Preparation

MOJITAX is a listed course provider with the Chartered Institute of Taxation, London. Our Energy Resources short course is designed to meet the study requirements of the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s ADIT: Module 3.03. Since 2019, we have actively supported students from different countries and continents. Our success rate is exceptional, with our June 2021 pass rate at 100%. 

Join an International Network

Because of our growing popularity, we have students from several countries (Eg, Zambia, South Africa, India, United Kingdom, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Bahrain). We encourage our students to network, and we have recently introduced the MOJITAX LinkedIn network for shared ideas and opportunities. This is a closed group of MOJITAX students and affiliates. 

Course Outline

Week 1

Introduction to Transfer Pricing 
  • Transfer Pricing: Background
  • The Arm’s Length Principle
  • The Arm’s Length Principle
  • Transfer Pricing methods 
  • Comparability Analysis

Week 2

Special Considerations 
  • Intangibles
  • Intragroup Services
  • Cost contribution arrangements
  • Business Restructuring  
  • Financial Transactions

Week 3

Administrative discussions  
  • Avoiding and Resolving Transfer Pricing disputes
  • Compliance 
  • Transfer Pricing and the digital economy    
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